Trumpian Times


To: Congressman Nadler
cc: The Broadsheet

Congressman Nadler, I must compliment you on your latest congressional legal initiatives crucial to the safety, well-being of the people proposing among others that Pres.Trump be investigated (prosecuted) for brazen violations of the constitution and civil laws. Our country’s role in supporting and financing the well-being of its citizen’s environment, public services, health, tax code favoring the rich, has never been under such insidiously cruel attack as is being perpetrated by Pres.Trump (executive), Republican dominated congress, and the conservative Supreme Court. While their partner business, media, political coalition manipulate the voter’s to elect their worst enemies, thus undermining our democratic system and crucial foreign affairs and programs.

Unless the balance of power, and caring for the people and lawful control of the current self-serving government are restored, history and logic indicate turmoil and tragedy ahead.All it takes is for good (misled) people to do nothing for evil to succeed who now need to support you, Cong. Nadler, in your patriotic congressional and vocal initiatives to save and restore our dearly fought for democratic republic.

-Seymour Schleimer

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