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SIGnature   Fred GutzeitSIGnature Fred Gutzeit

Fred Gutzeit’s work can be best described as being in line. He shapes his paintings as an elegant expression of movement around the picture plane. The colorful paintings are based on the initials of friends and colleagues, which transcend into a lively story within every frame.

In his own words, Gutzeit describes his work as “frozen calligraphy”. He embodies the original spirit of the handwritten initial, shaping the signature into a story. His most influential paintings garnered inspiration from well-known artist, Claes Oldenburg, and curator, Klaus Kertess.

Beginning in 2012, Gutzeit combined Klaus Kertess’ initials into his abstract expressionist painting from the 1980’s. In 2016, he began his series of paintings dealing with Claes Oldenburg’s “Mouse” motif, inscribed with Oldenburg and Paula Cooper’s initials.

Since the late eighties, Fred Gutzeit combines geometric patterns, vivid colors, calligraphy, and a unique perspective of his subject matter, projecting a feverish dance on canvas.

His earlier “SIGnatures” have been shown at the Slideshow Gallery, Tregoning (Cleveland), Brian Morris, and Pratt Manhattan, along with numerous group shows. Fred Gutzeit is a long time resident of Lower East Side and plays an active role in the New York art community.

The show runs through June 11 at
Van Der Plas Gallery
at 156 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side

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