Battery Park City Judged Best in Show

Real Estate Data Firm Names Community as Dog-Friendliest Neighborhood in New York


Battery Park City is the best place to live anywhere in the five boroughs if you own a dog, according to the online real estate database company, StreetEasy. An analysis published on August 23 by StreetEasy’s Casey Roberts finds that 63 percent of the rental buildings within the community welcome tenants with dogs, while a much lower proportion in surrounding neighborhoods are similarly receptive. Only 26 percent of Tribeca landlords welcome dogs, and 23 percent of those in the Financial District, according to the report. Tribeca ranked third overall in the City-wide rankings, and second in Manhattan. Fidi ranked third in Manhattan, but did not make the top ten in the City-wide listing.

By other metrics, however, nearby Lower Manhattan neighborhoods outstrip Battery Park City’s canine cordiality. StreetEasy found that the 92 acres of landfill between West Street and the Hudson River has 216 dog sitters (meaning people who will walk dogs, or mind them while owners are away), while FiDi has has 274 and Tribeca offers 417. Battery Park City’s three dog runs are also outpaced by Fidi’s seven and Tribeca’s six.

The report also notes that the most popular breed of pooch in all three communities is the same: French Bulldogs, and avers that the small breed is a natural choice for apartment dwellers.

The StreetEasy report goes on to make another series of claims that appear to call for more in-depth research: the report alleges that Battery Park City is served by 57 veterinarians, while FiDi has 68 and Tribeca has 89. But a search by the Broadsheet turned up fewer than a dozen veterinarians serving all three neighborhoods.

Still, there is no disputing that Battery Park City is a commodious environment for dogs. This may be due, at least in part, to amenities that the StreetEasy report does not quantify, such as the presence of the Battery Park Dog Association, led by longtime resident Paula Galloway. The organization has worked closely with the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) for years to make the neighborhood more hospitable for pet owners, and also hosts that annual Battery Park City Dog Parade, on the weekend following Halloween.

StreetEasy does note the profusion of high-quality pet supply and pet grooming emporia Downtown, such as Le Pet Spa, on South End Avenue, and Metropolis, on Washington Street.

A further indication of the area’s hound hang-up may be found in a recent, outdoor art exhibit hosted at Brookfield Place. “Dogumenta” was billed as the first public display of art that was not merely about dogs, but also meant for them. The August event aimed to, “cater to dogs as viewers, inviting both canine and human species to perceive art from a dog’s eyes.”

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