The Cost of Living (Here)


Governor Andrew Cuomo is attempting to revive and revise his congestion pricing plan that died in the face of political opposition a year ago, this time with support from Mayor Bill de Blasio. Both politicians tout the plan as a way to raise revenue for the beleaguered subway and bus systems, as well as commuter […]

Today in History February 27

Watson and Crick
They worked together on studying the structure of DNA the molecule that contains the hereditary information for cells.

202 BC – Liu Bang is enthroned as the Emperor of China, beginning four centuries of rule by the Han dynasty. 1784 – John Wesley charters the Methodist Church. 1827 – The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is incorporated, becoming the first railroad in America offering commercial transportation of both people and freight. 1849 – Regular […]



To the editor:           How long you can hold your breath was the insidious issue hovering in the air of a packed Town Hall Meeting of lower Manhattan residents and leaders in the community room of the Southbridge Towers Monday evening. The Howard Hughes Corp. wants to build a high rise at 250 […]