BPCA’s Agreement with Asphalt Green


Dear editor:
On Tuesday, November 14, the BPCA will hold an Open Community Meeting.  I strongly suggest that they present us, the community, with details about BPCA’s Agreement with Asphalt Green (AG).

We know that AG is supposed to make their facility available to the community, and that both the BPCA and AG should have named Coordinators to make this happen.  Leaving aside the question of why this was not fully enforced and announced in the past, let’s look forward to making full use of this neighborhood facility.

BPCA:  Please tell us what you plan to do to implement this Agreement.  In addition, let us in the Community give you feedback and share our ideas for utilizing the neighborhood amenity.

Thank you,
Maryanne P. Braverman


BPCA Responds:

I am pleased to serve as the community’s point person for requests to utilize Asphalt Green (AG) facilities – as also noted in “The Fine Print” (The Broadsheet, October 25) – and look forward to continuing our successful work with AG and community groups alike.

We also invite the Battery Park City Community to hear updates on a range community updates – including about Asphalt Green – at our BPC Open Community Meeting next Tuesday, November 14 at 6:30pm. Questions can also be submitted in advance to info.bpc@bpca.ny.gov.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Nick Sbordone
Battery Park City Authority

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