“Year round community use of our parks should always be our goal”

Granite slides in the "Adventure Bluffs" section of the Playscape planned for the Battery.
 Illustration courtesy : BKSK ARCHITECTS LLP

To the editor: re: Goodbye Monkey Bars, Hello Imagination Marsh  (BroadsheetDAILY January 17)   The pictures look wonderful. Equally wonderful will be the final completion of the project before those tots go off to college. But questions:  1. Is there a built in use for winter activities in any of this? Maybe one of those slides could […]

CHARLIE GOERING Without Definition (Attempts at Clarity)

Night Falls in the Middle west    Charlie Goering

CHARLIE GOERING Without Definition (Attempts at Clarity) includes paintings that span two recent and distinct bodies of work, highlighting compositions that are transitional between the two. Earlier figurative works, such as Night Falls in the Middle West (top image), are imbued with a sense of magic realism that anticipates the very graphic and surreal later […]


East River bridges at night from the top of the new Pier 17 looking north

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The Disenchanted Pose

The Disenchanted Pose:  If we were to suggest a title for the tableau above, depicting naked mannequins populating the thinly-veiled windows in the now-deserted outpost of Saks Fifth Avenue at Brookfield Place, it might be “Galatea on the Unemployment Line.” But unlike Pygmalio’s beloved creation, these statues, when clothed in size 0 never quite sprang […]

Today in History January 11

Alberto Giacometti

532 – Nika riots in Constantinople: A quarrel between supporters of different chariot teams-the Blues and the Greens-in the Hippodrome escalates into violence. 630 – Conquest of Mecca: The prophet Muhammad and his followers conquer the city, Quraysh surrender. 1693 – A powerful earthquake destroys parts of Sicily and Malta. 1759 – In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, […]



To the editor: Tuesday’s  BroadsheetDAILY had so many troubling concerns deserving comment! First, I fully support CB1 for pointing out the inappropriateness of BPC for a memorial for victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.  The Governor wants to be a hero proposing this and BPC is under his control.  So, he suggests our neighborhood […]



To the editor: re: The Deal of the Sentry (BroadsheetDAILY, December 17) This must be a joke!  $2.1 million for what?? All they do is stroll around, looking at their phones or hanging out together on the esplanade. So let me get this straight, $2.1 million to target dog walkers?? Pathetic, to say the least! […]


The 225 Liberty Street lobby after being privatized for Saks, which recently announced that it will close in January

To the editor: As a homeowner in BPC, losing Saks means nothing to me or many people who live here.  Saks was always empty and a bad idea from the start. They need to put something that will appeal to the people who live here.  Trader Joe’s or more reasonable priced retail. Best regards, Maryann Peters […]

Menorah Lighting at the New York Stock Exchange

Hundreds of celebrants gather at the public Chanukah menorah lighting organized by Chabad of Wall St at the New York Stock Exchange in New York, NY on Dec. 6, 2018.       photo:NYSE

On Thursday, December 6, the 200-year-old New York Stock Exchange saw its first-ever public menorah lighting. On the fifth night of the eight-day holiday of Chanukah, Rabbi Nissi Eber lit the Chanukah menorah at a public Menorah lighting outside the Exchange on Broad Street. The gathering  of hundreds of celebrants was organized by Chabad of […]



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