Go Fish!

Battery Park City Parks will celebrate life in the Hudson Estuary with their annual Go Fish! festival, on Saturday, May 11, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, in Wagner Park.

Experienced anglers will guide participants through catch-and-release fishing, while also imparting lessons about life in the Hudson River.

The day also features an art project and a nature walk, plus the kindie rock and reggae tunes of Brooklyn-based Father Goose.
Admission is free, and open to all.


  1. says

    How very ironic: “Battery Park City Parks will celebrate life in the Hudson Estuary” by promoting the torture/killing of its residents. Science has shown that fish are sentient, they suffer fear and pain. Fishing entails torturing them, and many who are released die as a result of the injury and trauma of having been caught, fought, suffocated, and manhandled.

    Fishing isn’t sport, the fish are victims not willing participants. It isn’t sport, it’s animal abuse, and Battery Park City Parks shouldn’t be promoting animal abuse, nor should anyone else.

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