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Save South Street Seaport


To the editor:

   It has become apparent more than ever that the the current Mayor is going to follow Mayor Bloomberg’s actions in allowing NYC’s historical treasured South Street Seaport district to be fed to the voracious  Howard Hughes Corp. with the collusion of the city’s EDC to be turned into an upscale mall.


     Mayor De Blasio’s city budget speaks louder than words in treating our last visible historical remnant of the seaport a destination of millions of tourists each year. It’s here that a visit to the South Street Seaport Museum, the early 1800’s buildings, piers, and sailing ships is now being treated like a poor unwanted relation.


      After years of  deliberate under-funding, maintenance neglect by mayors and the serious damage by hurricane Sandy with no real rehabilitation aid  from the city to repair the infrastructure, and not  providing any means to support ongoing historical functions, the current mayor has agreed with billionaire Mayor Bloomberg to allow the EDC to partner with Howard Hughes to gradually make unique history disappear which is obvious from their revealed plans and actions.


      The same fate was scheduled for the magnificent Grand Central Terminal when preservationists at the last moment recruited Jacqueline Kennedy  to become a modern shining knight to enter the preservation fight which convinced Mayor Lindsay to stay the greedy real estate pack from repeating what was done to the classic monumental former Penn Station.


       What we need at this late critical preservation time is one or more celebrities to add their loud voices to the residents of New York City and future visitors who not only want to see modern lights and skyscrapers,  but also the inspiring historic South Street Seaport site. It is time for everyone to call, write, and demonstrate to preserve what wealth can’t buy, pride and cultural dignity.


                                                                             Sy Schleimer

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