Today in History

The Berlin Wall under construction
1429 – Joan of Arc arrives at the seige of Orleans
1623 – 11 Dutch ships depart for the conquest of Peru
1715 – John Flamsteed observes Uranus for sixth time
1784 – Premiere of Mozart’s Sonata in B flat, K454 (Vienna)
Charles Darwin
1834 – Charles Darwin’s expedition sees top of Andes from Patagonia
1852 – First edition of Peter Roget’s Thesaurus published
1894 – Commonwealth of Christ (Coxey’s Army) arrives in Washington, DC,
500 strong to protest unemployment; Coxey arrested for trespassing at Capitol
1927 – Construction of Spirit of St Louis is completed
1930 – Telephone connection England-Australia goes into service
1945 – US liberates 31,601 in Nazi concentration camp in Dachau Germany
1946 – 28 former Japanese leaders indicted in Tokyo as war criminals
1971 – Bill Graham closes down Fillmore West and Fillmore East
1974 – President Nixon said he will release edited tapes made in White House
A piece of the Berlin Wall in Battery Park City
1990 – Wrecking cranes began tearing down Berlin Wall at Brandenburg Gate
1991 – Croatia declares independence
1992 – Jury acquits LA police officers of beating Rodney King, riots begin
1995 – Longest sausage ever, at 28.77 miles, made in Kitchener, Ontario
2004 – Dick Cheney and George W. Bush testify before the 9/11 Commission in a closed, unrecorded hearing in the Oval Office.
1863 – William Randolph Hearst, San Francisco California, newspaper publisher (SF Examiner, Seattle P-I)
1899 – Duke Ellington, Washington, District of Columbia, American bandleader, composer and pianist (Take the A Train)
Zubin Mehta

1901 – Hirohito, Emperor of Japan (1926-89)

1936 – Zubin Mehta, Bombay India, conductor (NY Philharmonic)
1951 – Dale Earnhardt, American race car driver (d. 2001)
1954 – Jerome ‘Jerry’ Seinfeld, Brooklyn New York, comedian/actor (‘Seinfeld‘)
1970 – Andre Agassi, Las Vegas Nev, tennis star (Oly-gold-96, US Open 1994)
1864 – Charles-Julien Brianchon, math (Brianchon’s theorem), dies at 80
1980 – Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, British director (Psycho, Birds), dies at 80

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