Today in History April 10

Walker Evans          ‘Love Before Breakfast’
1710 – The first law regulating copyright is issued in Great Britain
1790 – Robert Gray is first American to circumnavigate the Earth
1841 – New York Tribune begins publishing under editor Horace Greeley
1849 – Safety pin patented by Walter Hunt; sold rights for $400
1864 – Austrian Archduke Maximilian becomes emperor of Mexico
“A Beautiful Lady Shot from a Monstrous Cannon”
1877 – The first (willing) human cannonball, a 14 year-old girl called “Zazel” was launched in 1877 at the Royal Aquarium in London. Her real name was Rossa Matilda Richter and she later toured with the P.T. Barnum Circus.  Click to watch a few minutes about Zazel’s life and the cannons used for a human cannonball.
1912 – RMS Titanic sets sail for its first and last voyage
1961 – Adolf Eichmann tried as a war criminal in Israel
1963 – USS Thresher, a nuclear powered submarine, sinks 220 miles east of Boston
1970 – Paul McCartney officially announces the split of The Beatles
1991 – Last Automat (coin operated cafeteria) closes at 3rd Avenue and 42nd Street. Put your coins in, take your food out.
1995 – NYC bans smoking in all restaurants that seat 35 or more
1847 – Joseph Pulitzer,, publisher St Louis Post-Dispatch, NY World
1924 – Kenneth Noland, American painter
1934 – David Halberstam, Journalist/correspondent NY Times/Pulitzer
1931 – Khalil Gibran, Lebanese poet and painter (b. 1883)
1966 – Evelyn Waugh, British writer, dies at 62
1975 – Walker Evans An American photographer and photojournalist best known for his work for the Farm Security Administration documenting the effects of the Great Depression.

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