Today in History January 29

757 – An Lushan, leader of a revolt against the Tang dynasty and emperor of Yan, is murdered by his own son, An Qingxu.
1790 – The first boat specializing as a lifeboat is tested on the River Tyne.
1834 – President Andrew Jackson orders first use of federal soldiers to suppress a labor dispute.
Edgar Allen Poe
Workers primarily of Irish, German, Dutch and African descent were forced to work long hours for low wages in dangerous conditions with primitive tools.  The workers rioted, but were quickly put down by federal troops.
Now a dangerous precedent for future labor-management relations.
As labor uprisings increased, business leaders were confident in the knowledge that they could turn to local, state or federal government leaders to head off labor unrest.
1845 – “The Raven” is published in The Evening Mirror in New York, the first publication with the name of the author, Edgar Allan Poe
1863 – The Bear River Massacre: A detachment of California Volunteers led by Colonel Patrick Edward Connor engage the Shoshone at Bear River, Washington Territory, killing hundreds of men, women and children.
1886 – Karl Benz patents the first successful gasoline-driven automobile.
1916 – World War I: Paris is first bombed by German zeppelins.
1967 – The “ultimate high” of the hippie era, the Mantra-Rock Dance, takes place in San Francisco and features Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, and Allen Ginsberg.
2002 – In his State of the Union address, President George W. Bushdescribes “regimes that sponsor terror” as an Axis of Evil, in which he includes Iraq, Iran and North Korea.
1499 – Katharina von Bora, wife of Martin Luther; (d. 1552)
1843 – William McKinley, American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 25th President of the United States (d. 1901)
1860 – Anton Chekhov, Russian playwright and short story writer (d. 1904)
1874 – John D. Rockefeller, Jr., businessman and philanthropist (d. 1960)
1880 – W. C. Fields, American actor, comedian, and screenwriter (d. 1946)
1905 – Barnett Newman, American painter and etcher (d. 1970)
1954 – Oprah Winfrey, American talk show host, actress, and producer
1820 – George III of the United Kingdom (b. 1738)
1899 – Alfred Sisley, French-English painter (b. 1839)
1956 – H. L. Mencken, American journalist and critic (b. 1880)
1963 – Robert Frost, American poet and playwright (b. 1874)
1969 – Allen Welsh Dulles, American banker, lawyer, and diplomat, 5th Director of Central Intelligence (b. 1893)
2015 – Rod McKuen, American singer-songwriter and poet (b. 1933)
This list is compiled from many internet and other sources of information including wikipedia, the New York Times, a multitude of websites and old books.

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