The Milky Way is warped

A team of astronomers has produced a 3D map of our galaxy, the 1st accurate one, they say. It reveals our galaxy’s true shape as warped and twisted.

A plan to create artificial meteors

Everyone loves a good meteor shower, but what about an artificial one? A Japanese company plans to create one and has just launched hundreds of pellets to space. They’ll ultimately rain down again in colorful displays.

A plan to knock an asteroid off course

In what’s being called humankind’s 1st planetary defense test, space scientists are planning to visit a double asteroid – Didymos and its tiny moon – and crash into the moon in attempt to change its orbit.

Zodiacal light: All you need to know

The zodiacal light is an eerie light extending up from the horizon. This is a good time of year to see it in the evening, from the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere, look before dawn!

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Today in science: Maarten Schmidt and quasars

In 1963, astronomer Maarten Schmidt had a sudden revelation that quasars are exceedingly distant and unimaginably luminous. His insight changed our notion of what the universe is like.

Astronomers find a new, nearby galaxy

Astronomers studying a globular star cluster accidentally discovered a more-distant galaxy behind it. The little galaxy is 30 million light-years away and is nicknamed Bedin 1. The videos in this post take you there.

Chinese New Year 2019 on February 4-5

The 2019 Chinese New Year – which coincides with the February new moon – starts February 5 in Asia (February 4 in the west) and rings in the Year of the Pig.

Speedy comet approaching Earth’s vicinity

A fast-moving comet, C/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto), is nearing its February encounter with the sun and Earth. It’ll pass near some galaxies as seen from Earth, providing a great opportunity for astrophotographers. Charts and more info here.

Listen: Is our universe a hologram?

A scientist explains one of the most mind-blowing ideas in physics in under 5 minutes.

Is this ancient moon rock from Earth?

An intriguing ancient rock found on the moon and brought back by the Apollo 14 mission may actually have originated from Earth, a new study says.

Small asteroid disintegrates over Cuba in daylight

The space rock traveled over West Palm Beach, above the Florida Keys, and then to Viñales, a town in Pinar del Río, Cuba. It left a smoke trail seen by many. Images and video here.

February guide to the bright planets

In February, the 2 bright planets up before the sun are Venus (brighter) and Jupiter. Saturn is there, too, if you look closely. Mars shines in the evening sky all month. Starting in mid-February, look for Mercury low in the west as dusk gives way to darkness.

Groundhog Day is an astronomy holiday

Groundhog Day is tied to the movement of Earth around the sun. Falling approximately midway between a solstice and an equinox, it’s the year’s 1st cross-quarter day.