Konstantin Bokov
'Police Line'Konstantin Bokov 'Police Line'

Konstantin Bokov has demonstrated an unusual and peculiar insight into the mixed-up, contradictory world we live in right now, even though many of the works in this exhibit were created more than a decade ago. Growing up in USSR-dominated Ukraine, and unable to show his art in that political climate, he sought the freedom associated with America and the New York art world, and immigrated here in the 1970s.

Adriaan Van Der Plas, founder of Van Der Plas Gallery, was once himself an outsider, having left his hometown of Vienna, Austria around the same time, to begin a new life in New York City. Without credentials or experience, but with a great love and appreciation for art, he quickly established himself with his “Art a la carte” pushcart concept in the South Street Seaport district.

The two became acquainted in 1993, when Bokov approached Adriaan at the Seaport. Recognizing the sincerity with which the work portrayed New York’s spirit and materiality, Adriaan became an avid collector of Bokov’s work.

Without respect for conventional concepts of what constitutes contemporary art, Bokov creates work on an entirely intuitive basis, free from the dictates of authorities of any sort. His highly inventive work incorporate material discarded from our throw-away society, transformed so completely that we are slow to recognize what in another context we are most familiar with. In this way, Bokov calls into question our very perceptions of the world we live in, and offers us alternatives far more beguiling.

The Van Der Plas Gallery, located at 156 Orchard Street has been a conduit for contemporary outsider artists for over 40 years. The gallery strives to showcase art rising from the innermost human creative spirit. With the opening of the Van Der Plas Gallery on 156 Orchard Street, the gallery’s mission has been to bring contemporary outsiders like Bokov into the public eye.

~ Thomas Cox

Police Line by Konstantin Bokov

Opening reception February 16 6-8pm On view February 16 – 28
Van Der Plas Gallery | 156 Orchard Street NYC 10002 * 212.227.8983

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