Today in History – March 30th

1909 - Men at Work on the Queensboro Bridge

1867 – The United States buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000, or 2 cents an acre 1909 – Queensborough Bridge, a double-decked cantilever bridge, opens linking Manhattan and Queens 1950 – Phototransistor invention announced in Murray Hill, New Jersey. 1961 – The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs is signed in New York. The treaty updates the Paris Convention, signed on July […]

Global Reach

CB1's Landmarks Committee chair Roger Byrom, "We'll give you your staircase, but we want the clock tower working and we want the globe reinstalled."

Community Board 1 (CB1) has agreed to support modifications to a historic building requested by the developer who is converting it into condominiums, but in exchange wants two legacy features of the structure restored. The 1898 Renaissance Revival building, located at 346 Broadway (also known as 108 Leonard Street), was designed by the acclaimed architectural […]



A woman with an exceptional sense of style and a passion for the arts, Judith Hendricks died unexpectedly in Battery Park City on November 18, at age 78. She is survived by her husband, jazz legend Jon Hendricks, 94, and their daughter Aria Hendricks. Judith and Jon Hendricks Married for more than 56 years, Judith […]


The Horsehead, Flame and IC434 Nebulae
by Terry Hancock, Downunder Observatory

The Northeast Astronomy Forum The Horsehead, Flame and IC434 Nebulae by Terry Hancock, Downunder Observatory Most often as a solitary observer I look up to Earth’s blue atmosphere, radiant with sunlight or, at dawn and dusk, to the brightest stars and planets; after twilight deepens read more …

Today in History

1848 Niagara Falls stops flowing for 30 hours due to an ice jam

1795 Beethoven debuts as pianist in Vienna at age 24. Thirty-two years later he is buried in Vienna, 20,000 people attended his funeral. 1798 Republic of Switzerland forms 1867 Congress approves building of Lincoln Memorial 1941 First performance of Benjamin Britten’s “Requiem Symphony” 1961 After a 4½ year trial, Nelson Mandela is acquitted on treason charge 1974 Mariner 10’s, first fly-by of Mercury, returns photos 1976 Eight Ohio National Guardsmen indicted […]

A Very Lucrative Landmark

A rendering of the refurbished Battery Maritime Building, with the glass enclosed hotel and restaurant complex newly constructed on its roof.

The City’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has leased the historic Battery Maritime Building to a ski resort operator, Stoneleigh Capital for up to 99 years at an annual rent that amounts to significantly less than one percent of comparable, prevailing rates. The publicly owned structure, located at 10 South Street, next to the Staten Island […]

Letters to the Editor


To The Editor, As I walked around in my neighborhood, people were shouting…”No more taxation without representation.”   No, this is not a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party for a television show that is being filmed in Battery Park City.  It is a real issue facing the Battery Park City community, a place that I […]

Sometimes, Bigger Really Is Better

CB1 Youth & Education chair Tricia Joyce: "Once again the Department of Education has designed a school with a 'gymatorium,' which we are all vehemently opposed to, in a neighborhood where only three of our nine schools have full-sized gyms."

Community Board 1 (CB1) is calling on City officials who are planning a new elementary school in the Financial District to expand the project to include more school seats, a middle school, and a full-sized gymnasium. “Once again the Department of Education [DOE] has designed a school with a ‘gymatorium’ plan, which we are all […]

Today in History

1775 Patrick Henry proclaims, "give me liberty or give me death" in speech in favour of Virginian troops joining Revolutionary war

1840  Dr. John William Draper takes first photo of the Moon The first ever photo of the moon, taken by John Williams Draper 1903 Wright brothers obtain airplane patent 1919 Benito Mussolini forms Fascist movement in Milan, Italy 1942 US move native-born of Japanese ancestry into detention centers 1944 Nicholas Alkemade falls 5,500 meters (18,000 feet) without a parachute and lives. That number was surpassed […]