January 30

MS Hans Hedtoft was a Danish liner that struck an iceberg and sank on January 30, 1959 on her maiden voyage off the coast of Western Greenland. The only piece of wreckage ever found was a lifebelt.

1607 – An estimated 200 square miles along the coasts of the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary in England are destroyed by massive flooding, resulting in an estimated 2,000 deaths. 1649 – King Charles I of England is beheaded. 1661 – Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, is ritually executed more than […]

Acting Nationally, Speaking Locally

Nadler: "The big issue in this confrontation now is they want a major increase in defense spending, but don't want the increase in discretionary, non-defense spending. They want to break that parity principle, which will enable them, in the future, to keep increasing defense and reduce all other expenditures. That, plus DACA, is what's at stake now."

At the January 23 monthly meeting of Community Board 1 (CB1), Jerry Nadler, who represents Lower Manhattan in the United States House of Representatives, briefed local residents on national issues, including immigration reform, budget priorities, and the recent federal government shutdown. “Hopefully, we can do something about DACA now, without paying a price for DACA,” […]

January 29

A sympathetic character despite his snarling contempt for dogs and children, William Claude Dukenfield was born January 29. 1880. Better known as W. C. Fields

757 – An Lushan, leader of a revolt against the Tang dynasty and emperor of Yan, is murdered by his own son, An Qingxu. 1790 – The first boat specializing as a lifeboat is tested on the River Tyne. 1834 – President Andrew Jackson orders first use of federal soldiers to suppress a labor dispute. […]

Make It a Bit Shorter and a Little Less Red

The site of the five row houses (in recent years converted into market stalls) at 312-322 Canal Street, in the midst of the Tribeca East Historic District.

The City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) has approved a plan to demolish five structures in the Tribeca East Historic District that date from the early 1800s and allow construction of large apartment tower in their place. The LPC, which often ignores or contradicts the advisory opinions of local community boards, appeared to agree with Community […]

January 26


1500 – Vicente Yáñez Pinzón becomes the first European to set foot on Brazil. 1531 – The Lisbon earthquake kills about thirty thousand people. 1564 – The Council of Trent establishes an official distinction between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. 1700 – The Cascadia earthquake takes place off the west coast of North America, as evidenced […]

Get a PhD at Pizza Academy

Giorgia Caporuscio, one of only two women ever to win first place in the "Classic Pizza" category of Naples' prestigious pizza competition of more than 500 competitors.

The clink of wine glasses grows faint and the party scene seems to fade. We step to a marble countertop and adjust our aprons. We are at the Pizza Academy on Fulton Street. “Massage the dough,” encourages Giorgia Caporuscio, pressing our hands into floury rounds. “Don’t be scared to touch. Push the air bubbles to […]

Meet Your Assembly Member This Weekend

State Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou will host a public Town Hall meeting on Sunday, to hear from constituents about their concerns and agenda.

On Sunday (January 28), State Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou will convene a Town Hall meeting to gather feedback from constituents, and hear their priorities for policies, legislation, and the budget in Albany this year. Members of the public are invited to participate on panels that will focus on subjects like civil rights and immigration, senior […]

January 24

Larry Fine

AD 41 – Roman Emperor Caligula, known for his eccentricity and sadistic despotism, is assassinated by his disgruntled Praetorian Guards. The Guard then proclaims Caligula’s uncle Claudius as Emperor 1848 – California Gold Rush: James W. Marshall finds gold at Sutter’s Mill near Sacramento. 1943 – World War II: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill […]

Thinkin’ of Borinquen


When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, flooding the Downtown Community Center and much of Lower Manhattan, it was through the support and resilience of the downtown community that Manhattan Youth was able to recover, rebuild, and continue offering its programming to over 4,500 families. This year, the Manhattan Youth Tritons Swim Team […]

Opinion & Analysis: To Win HQ2, Lower Manhattan Must Become a New Amazon Basin

The Hudson River waterfront in Tribeca, where the red outlines show the area proposed for new landfill, to extend Battery Park City northward and create a 60-acre campus for a possible Amazon headquarters in Lower Manhattan. Such a plan could, the author argues, provide financing for both the Hudson River Park and resiliency measures throughout Lower Manhattan.

Out of 238 contenders, New York has made the shortlist of 20 candidates Amazon is still considering for its second headquarters, a project known as HQ2. The encouraging news is that New York ranks first in an analysis by Anderson Economic Group of locations best suited to the e-commerce giant’s requirements. But the sobering fact […]