Today in History February 15

Chicago mayor Anton J. Cermak takes a bullet meant for F.D.R.

706 – Byzantine emperor Justinian II has his predecessors Leontios and Tiberios III publicly executed in the Hippodrome of Constantinople. 1493 – While on board the Nina, Christopher Columbus writes an open letter that was widely distributed upon his return to Portugal describing his discoveries and the unexpected items he came across in the New […]



To the editor: Kudos to CM Chin.  Support her big time.  Yes, terminate the placards unless they are strictly enforced – and – terminate the discounts given by the city to fed ex, ups and verizon  for illegal parking under the PVB Stipulated Fine Program.   These are the 3 biggest ticket violators and they […]


An architect's rendering for the new Blockhouse Restaurant, proposed for publicly owned land beneath the FDR Drive.

To the editor: RE: “Being Vigilant about the View” (BroadsheetDAILY February 7) The “cart before the horse” or in this case the “liquor license before the building” approach is Howard Hughes’ newest tactic to purposefully obfuscate the checks and balances of new development. As the scheme goes, if one city agency approves a seemingly benign request […]