March 28 Three Mile Island

Today marks 39 years since the worst commercial nuclear accident in U.S. history at Three Mile Island. Equipment failure and human error caused a partial meltdown in the Unit 2 Reactor. Low levels of radiation were released into the atmosphere

AD 37 – Roman emperor Caligula accepts the titles of the Principate, entitled to him by the Senate. 193 – Roman Emperor Pertinax is assassinated by Praetorian Guards, who then sell the throne in an auction to Didius Julianus. 1776 – Juan Bautista de Anza finds the site for the Presidio of San Francisco. 1814 […]

Come Together

Shino Tanikawa, vice president of the Community Education Council for District 2 (which includes Lower Manhattan) wants to break concentrations of high and low academic achievement in local middle schools.

A parent leader is calling upon the City’s Department of Education (DOE) and the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio to increase diversity in Manhattan’s District 2, which includes Lower Manhattan, as well as the East Side south of 97th Street (with the exception of the Lower East Side) and the West Side south of […]

March 27

Charles Chaplin

196 BC – Ptolemy V ascends to the throne of Egypt 1513 – Spaniard Juan Ponce de Leon discovers Florida 1625 – Charles I, King Of England, Scotland and Ireland, ascends English throne 1668 – English king Charles II gives Bombay to East India Company 1790 – The modern shoestring (string and shoe holes) invented […]

We Need Your Support to Help Puerto Rico


Dear Friends, The Manhattan Youth community shares the concern with New Yorkers everywhere about shortages and the slow pace of recovery in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Our own community learned how helpful donors and volunteers can be after September 11, 2001 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Already, the young people on our Manhattan Youth […]

‘Senators, Congressmen — Please Heed the Call…’

Tahseen Chowdhury, a senior at Stuyvesant High School
Courtesy of Tahseen Chowdhury

In the month following the Valentine’s Day Massacre in Parkland, Florida the national stereotype about teens has been sorely challenged. We’re not just about decorating the gym for prom night. We can charge forward on serious issues and effect change with lightning speed, while seasoned politicos remain stuck in the muck that they throw at […]

March 25


708 – Constantine begins his reign as Catholic Pope 1584 – Sir Walter Raleigh renews Humphrey Gilbert’s patent to explore North America 1609 – Henry Hudson embarks on an exploration for Dutch East India Company 1655 – Christiaan Huygens discovers Titan (Saturn’s largest moon) 1807 – First railway passenger service began in England 1811 – […]

The Busing Issue

The number of tour buses licensed to operate in the City has risen from 54 in 2003 to 237 in 2016.

City Council member Margaret Chin and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer are pushing legislation to limit the number of tour buses on local streets, addressing a perennial complaint of Lower Manhattan residents and community leaders. According to a a recent report form Governor Andrew Cuomo’s advisory panel, Fix NYC, “the number of tour buses licensed […]

March 23

Patrick Henry
Oil on canvas, Painted by George Bagby Matthews (1857 - 1943)

1540 – Waltham Abbey is surrendered to King Henry VIII of England; the last religious community to be closed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. 1775 – American Revolutionary War: Patrick Henry delivers his speech – “Give me liberty, or give me death!” – at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia. 1801 – Tsar Paul […]



Bob Townley is a self-confessed workaholic, community organizer and, in his words, “a large person in love with his 84 year old mom Anita Townley, his wife Veronika Korvin and his two children, Robert and Kate.” As the Founder and Executive Director of Manhattan Youth, Mr. Townley oversees the after-school and summer camp activities of some 5,000 kids […]

Why Is This Sunday Different from All Other Sundays?


The Museum of Jewish Heritage will partner with the National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene (NYTF) to present a kid-friendly “Pop-Up Passover” this Sunday (March 25), from 10:00 am to noon. The event will feature old and new Passover traditions, Yiddish songs, create personalized Haggadot (the text recited at the Seder on the first two nights of […]