CHARLIE GOERING Without Definition (Attempts at Clarity)

Without Definition (Attempts at Clarity) includes paintings that span two recent and distinct bodies of work, highlighting compositions that are transitional between the two.
Earlier figurative works, such as Night Falls in the Middle West (top image), are imbued with a sense of magic realism that anticipates the very graphic and surreal later works, such as Egress (bottom image), by depicting fantastic landscapes and improbable arches.
Arches, which figure into many of Goering’s paintings, bridge the gap between these stylistic shifts by creating a consistent framing device within each composition, at first reminiscent of the early renaissance paintings of the 14th and 15th centuries and later bringing to mind the works of contemporary artists such as Ken Price.
Following this compositional thread, it is possible to see how Goering’s earlier works, which more directly represent his classical training in figuration, have led to his more recent abstracted works that while depart from figuration per se, still rest firmly on the foundation provided by his training.
Opening Reception
Thursday, January 24, 2019 6pm – 9pm    through Feb 28
Steven Amedee Gallery
41 N Moore Street New York, NY  10013

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