To the editor:
RE: “Being Vigilant about the View” (BroadsheetDAILY February 7)
The “cart before the horse” or in this case the “liquor license before the building” approach is Howard Hughes’ newest tactic to purposefully obfuscate the checks and balances of new development.
As the scheme goes, if one city agency approves a seemingly benign request (liquor license), other agencies simply follow suit and grant permits and variances with a false impression that the overall project must have been green lighted somewhere along the way.
The CB1 should be commended for catching and flagging this underhanded tactic.
How can Howard Hughes apply for a liquor license for an establishment that does not exist?
Especially in a place that requires the special oversight mentioned in the piece?
These are the same tactics being used to get ahead of the laws that protect the South Street Seaport’s Historic District.  Currently Howard Hughes is asking for permission to clean a site without a plan for ANY development being submitted to the city.  Howard Hughes has openly admitted they want a 60 (maybe more) story tower where currently a 12 story limit exists.
If city allows Howard Hughes to open the ground before they’ve gotten the proper variances, you’ve opened the door to all of their tricks.
M.H. Jones
To the editor:
The Howard Hughes Corporation is already taking advantage of the local community by hiring non-building trade (non-union contractors) to do work in the area they lease in the seaport and it is a disgrace!
They are making money hand over fist at the expense of the exploited
 non -union construction workers. It is my belief that when handing over the control of this large piece of land there should have been a stipulation  they use the NYC Union Building Trades to fit out all of the properties, not just the core and shell of their new mall. After all, this is our community. We should want to bring in good wage jobs.
Eric F.
Editor’s note: We requested a comment regarding work at the Seaport.
Here is a statement from Howard Hughes Corporation in this regard:
“The Howard Hughes Corporation is proud to work closely with union labor in revitalizing the Seaport.
The facts are: the pilings and entire reconstruction of Pier 17, as well as the full core and shell construction of both the Fulton Market Building and Pier 17, were completed by union labor. Currently, the Tin Building is being constructed by union labor, including pilings, pier, core and shell.
The fit-out of individual tenant spaces is undertaken directly by individual tenants.”
– The Howard Hughes Corporation

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