National Lighthouse Museum

By the end of this century, New York City could have up to six feet of sea level rise, radically reshaping our 520 miles of coastline and impacting more than 100 coastal neighborhoods.
A documentary by director Nathan Kensinger, Managed Retreat examines the fates of three Staten Island neighborhoods that were purchased by New York State in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to be demolished and returned to nature as part of the city’s first ‘managed retreat’ from rising sea levels.

This short film follows the process of retreat over the course of one year in three waterfront communities on Staten Island, as homes are destroyed, streets are abandoned, and wild animals begin to return.
On Saturday April 27 at 3PM, Mr. Kensinger will be joined at the Lighthouse Museum by a panel of experts studying the effect of rising sea levels on neighborhoods.
The museum is a 3-minute walk from the St. George Ferry Terminal, and we recommend you enjoy the trip over on the Staten Island Ferry.

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