Steven Amedee Gallery Kyle Simon ~ What a Little Moonlight Can Do

March 1 - April 30, 2018

What a Little Moonlight Can DoWhat a Little Moonlight Can Do

In the distant past the night sky was sacred and frequently absent from paintings.  It was not until Galileo’s insistence that the heavenly bodies could be examined scientifically that painters of the Renaissance more readily incorporated the cosmos into their work, without the preordained confines of religious symbolism.

Steven Amedee Gallery is proud to present What a Little Moonlight Can Do, a solo exhibition by Kyle Simon, curated by Jonathan Belli

In an inversion of the work of Galileo and early astronomers who looked to the night sky for discovery, Simon looks to discover himself in the stardust.  What a Little Moonlight Can Do follows the pared-down trajectory of an artist’s looking out to see in: a rumination of time, space and identity.

Simon pivots from his past role as raconteur, to one of patient observer.  Throughout his career Simon has woven together dreamy narratives of archetypal, the fantastical, and the personal, using-often in the same work-a combination of painting, sculpture, performance, musical instruments, holograms, and sound devices.

Steven Amedee Gallery
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