Water Street Public Space


To the editor,

The Downtown Connection bus begins its run on Water Street right beside this building.  Riders gather here and it’s nice to able to wait under some cover if the bus is delayed.

In addition, this corner of Water and Fulton Streets is crowded with tourists, residents and students.  South Street Seaport is located on the opposite side of Water Street.  Having this extra street space is very necessary considering how crowded our sidewalks have become.  More seating here, and everywhere downtown, is appreciated.

It is maddening that building developers got financial benefits that came with some obligations to provide public spaces.  These promises were initially honored, and then ignored with impunity throughout the city.   Buildings can be fined for their failures, but is the amount enough to make a difference?  (It was not at Trump Tower!)  Of course, removing the plaza and building on the space would allow more tax to be collected, but is this tradeoff worthwhile?

I applaud the Friends of Privately Owned Public Spaces and CB1 for their vigilance.  And thanks to The Broadsheet for publicizing this matter.  NYC’s Department of Buildings is supposed to be regulating the spaces, and definitely is not keeping up as spaces are downgraded or disappear entirely.

Maryanne P. Braverman

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