Debate Over Proposed Seaport Brownfield Remediation

250 Water Street

Re: “Don’t-Drink-the-Water Street” (BroadsheetDAILY Jan. 30, 2019) To the editor: Residents in the neighborhood are resisting by making their objections known to allowing the Seaport 250 Water LLC, an entity owned by the Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC), to begin brownfield remediation on the property they designate as 250 Water Street (aka 304 Pearl Street). HHC’s […]

“Confection Defection”


To the editor: In your (BroadsheetDAILY)January 21st article, “Confection Defection,” Matthew Fenton wrote that “But one of the member nations of the G20 is Saudi Arabia. Although this fact has never inspired controversy in any of the dozens of other sites where Candy Nations has been exhibited in the last eight years, a predictable furor […]

“Year round community use of our parks should always be our goal”

Granite slides in the "Adventure Bluffs" section of the Playscape planned for the Battery.
Illustration courtesy : BKSK ARCHITECTS LLP

To the editor: re: Goodbye Monkey Bars, Hello Imagination Marsh  (BroadsheetDAILY January 17)   The pictures look wonderful. Equally wonderful will be the final completion of the project before those tots go off to college. But questions:  1. Is there a built in use for winter activities in any of this? Maybe one of those slides could […]


The Disenchanted Pose

The Disenchanted Pose:  If we were to suggest a title for the tableau above, depicting naked mannequins populating the thinly-veiled windows in the now-deserted outpost of Saks Fifth Avenue at Brookfield Place, it might be “Galatea on the Unemployment Line.” But unlike Pygmalio’s beloved creation, these statues, when clothed in size 0 never quite sprang […]



To the editor: Tuesday’s  BroadsheetDAILY had so many troubling concerns deserving comment! First, I fully support CB1 for pointing out the inappropriateness of BPC for a memorial for victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico.  The Governor wants to be a hero proposing this and BPC is under his control.  So, he suggests our neighborhood […]



To the editor: re: The Deal of the Sentry (BroadsheetDAILY, December 17) This must be a joke!  $2.1 million for what?? All they do is stroll around, looking at their phones or hanging out together on the esplanade. So let me get this straight, $2.1 million to target dog walkers?? Pathetic, to say the least! […]


The 225 Liberty Street lobby after being privatized for Saks, which recently announced that it will close in January

To the editor: As a homeowner in BPC, losing Saks means nothing to me or many people who live here.  Saks was always empty and a bad idea from the start. They need to put something that will appeal to the people who live here.  Trader Joe’s or more reasonable priced retail. Best regards, Maryann Peters […]


Bally Hoo's Media Barge

To the editor, It’s unfortunate that Mr. Shapiro (CEO & President of Ballyhoo Media) seems to equate a floating LED billboard with the vinyl wraps seen on some of the harbor ferries. I think that most folks who live along the rivers would probably disagree with him on that…..but would agree that he picked an […]

Democracy is Messy but it Works


To All: My dear friends and neighbors  – I have been on Community Board 1 for almost 30 years. At this point in my ‘community board life’, I have gained the experience to help on the development of parks, water front, traffic safety and of course, schools and youth programs. Honestly, I don’t have time […]



To the editor: We were disappointed to see a negative angle taken in your recent coverage (Is Times Square Leaking? BroadsheetDAILY October 30), and want to thank you for the opportunity to properly introduce ourselves.  Ballyhoo Media has had its boat in the Hudson for the last few weeks, advertising some of the hottest entertainment properties, […]